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Available Training/Sessions

Herkimer County Current Trends
Overview of what’s trending in Herkimer County including marijuana, vaping, cocaine, opioids and methamphetamine.
Note: This is a brief overview of each substance. We can also provide a more in-depth presentation for each individual substance.

Understanding the Vaping Trend
Understanding the increase in popularity of use of e-cigarettes and Juul’s among today’s youth.

The Opioid Epidemic
An overview of today’s opioid problem including the use and abuse of prescription medication and how this has impacted the rise in heroin use.

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use
How to recognize drug use and paraphernalia that might indicate engagement in substance use and where to get help.

Signs and Symptoms for Violence Prevention: What to Look for and When to Speak Up
Overview of risk factors, warning signs and threats that could be a red flag to destructive behavior and understanding the importance of reporting information.

Sport Prevention Plus Wellness
This single session evidence based substance abuse prevention program focuses on healthy living by encouraging positive life changes including healthy eating, sport participation, stress control, and adequate rest. By increasing these factors we look to decrease substance use.

Team Building Activities
Team building activities can include the Chair Challenge, Human Tic Tac Toe, the Caterpillar and various other activities.

Recovery Coach Academy
This 5 day course gets you started on becoming a certified recovery coach. Topics include understanding addiction, motivational interviewing, and coaching basics.

This training is for the sale of alcohol on and off premise. Each class is about 2-4 hours in length.

For more information or to schedule a training, please call Nicole Law at 315-894-8080 or send an email to