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About the Prevention Council

The Herkimer County Prevention Council is dedicated to preventing alcohol and substance abuse as well as problem gambling by working in partnership with individuals, families and communities. We believe that all people are entitled to a positive protected environment, and that prevention services can make a difference in their lives.

Prevention Overview
New York State’s Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) approach to alcohol and substance abuse prevention, and the conceptual framework that supports it, has continously evolved over time, and is based on emerging national research findings and the state’s experience in program development, implementation and evaluation. OASAS will evaluate its guidelines every two years and revise as necessary.

OASAS defines prevention as a proactive, evidence-based process that utilizes effective programs and strategies to prevent or reduce substance use and problem gambling in individuals, families and communities. Services are planned based on knowledge of a community’s unique risk and protective factors profile. Higher numbers of risk factors can indicate higher levels of substance use in a community. OASAS does support prevention efforts across the life cycle if a documented need exists.

The overarching goals of OASAS supported prevention programs are to: (from the prevention guidelines)

  1. To reduce the prevalence of substance use and abuse and problem gambling in the New York population.
  2. To delay the initiation of substance use and gambling behaviors among youth as long as possible.
  3. To decrease the negative health, social and economic consequences and costs associated with substanceabuse and problem gambling.
  4. To prevent the escalation of substance use and gambling behaviors to levels requiring treatment throughearly identification, brief intervention and referral.