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2019 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show (results & photos)

Seven Herkimer County Schools competed this year: Central Valley, Dolgeville, Frankfort, Herkimer, Little Falls, Poland and Town of Webb. Each team played four games and the team with the highest cumulative score was: Poland, 2nd place to Town of Webb, and 3rd place went to Frankfort Schuyler ...learn more

2019 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show - Scheduled

The Herkimer County Prevention Council’s annual Drug Quiz Show will be held at Herkimer County Community College on Thursday March 14, 2019 8:30am-3pm ...learn more

2018 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show

The 2018 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show was held on March 8th, 2018 at Herkimer College, sponsored by HCPC for the 18th year!

View team information and photos from the event. ...learn more

School Poster Contest

The Herkimer County Prevention Council recently hosted a poster contest for Herkimer County middle school students in grades 6-8. As part of this year’s Alcohol and Drugs Fact’s Week students...view the gold & silver winners

Community Awareness Presentation

A closer look at the Opioid Crisis
It's time to start talking about this devastating epidemic that communities everywhere are facing.
Event is free and open to the public. Snacks, coffee & water will be provided...learn more

2017 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show

The 2017 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show was held March 21st, 2017. Six Herkimer County Schools competed this year...learn more

Road to Resilience - Conference

29th Annual CNY Prevention Conference.
Presented by the Prevention Consortium on May 12, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Syracuse NY. Additional information including session breakdowns is included in the flyer below.

Road to Resilience Flyer

Community Partnership Open House 2017

Please accept our invitation to our May 5th Open House.
Join us for a networking lunch where you will get to meet our members, gather resources and learn about our efforts in the fight against substance abuse within our community.

Flyer Information

What to know about Marijuana Uses & Effects

Marijuana PDF Resources

What you need to know
Marijuana Infograph

2015 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show

The 2015 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show was held on March 19th, 2015 at Herkimer Colllege, sponsored by HCPC for the 15th more

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Suicide is preventable. Call the lifeline. With help comes hope Learn more Learn more


Unity Day 2014

Everyone has an image in their mind when they hear the word “bullying”. For many of us, we picture an older kid being physical with a smaller child, knocking books out of their hands and laughing. However, bullying comes in all shapes and more

Love Yourself, Be Drug Free!

Many people think that the only victim of drug use is the user themselves, however that isn’t the case. Drug use affects everyone around the user, especially their closest friends and more

International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day (FASD).

FASD is caused by the consumption of alcohol by a mother while she is pregnant. An estimated 40,000 babies each year are born with FASD, which can result in birth defects, learning disabilities, problem behavior, and trouble learning life skills. These difficulties can last an entire lifetime for a child, and can’t always be more

26th Annual CNY Prevention Conference

Learn more about the workshops and sessions. Presented by The Prevention Consortium...View the PDF brochure

What you need to know about Marijuana

Uses and effects of the full article

Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show 2014

View the photo gallery for 2014 teams and volunteers.

The Herkimer County Prevention Council’s annual Drug Quiz Show will be held at Herkimer County Community College on Thursday March 27, 2014 9am-3pm. (Snow Date will be on Friday, March 28, 2014) Local Schools competing for the title of Herkimer County DQS Champions are: Dolgeville, Herkimer, Little Falls, Mount Markham, Poland and Town of Webb.

Teams have received their study materials so that they can prepare for the competition with their school advisor. The competition will cover all the most current data on substance abuse. The officials for the competition will be volunteers from local law enforcement, and human service agencies, and HCCC.

If you would like more information about the Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show or if your school wants to be involved please contact: Maureen Petrie @ 894-9917 ext 244

HCPC Updates Web Presence

The Herkimer County Prevention Council launches several web enhancements to connect and provide comprehensive substance abuse prevention information. Subscribe to receive the latest news from HCPC's initiatives and activities.

2013 Herkimer County Drug Quiz Show

The Herkimer County Prevention Council a program of Catholic Charities will be sponsoring the annual Drug Quiz Show at Herkimer County Community College.

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